When to use CNC Swiss Machining for metal or plastic parts?

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Hartie Spence
Hartie SpenceManufacturing & Injection Molding Expert

Hartie Spence, our CEO and CNC Swiss Machining expert, gives you insights into this manufacturing process and how you can use it for your part.

Hartie discusses these topics:

  • Quick overview: What is CNC Swiss Machining?
  • How CNC Swiss Machining can cut costs for your product
  • CNC Swiss Machining combines Milling And Lathe processes
  • Swiss lathe machine capabilities
  • CNC manufacturing processes

7 Axis CNC Machining also known as Swiss Lathe is the process to use when you need milling, turning, boring, tapping and many more multiple operations with less part handling. CNC Swiss Lathe is great for high precision long runs, or production quality prototype parts.

For more information on ASH™ thermoplastic injection molding and if it would be the right method for your part run, contact one of our manufacturing & engineering experts now.

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