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Hartie Spence
Hartie SpenceManufacturing & Injection Molding Expert

Hartie Spence, our CEO and manufacturing expert, talks about the benefits of using American manufacturing companies like ASH for your products.

Hartie discusses these topics:

  • Learn how working with an American Manufacturer can save you money
  • Discover the cutting edge technologies and capabilities of American Manufacturing
  • New technology and machines at ASH® Industries

Working with an American manufacturing company for your part or product can have serious benefits to your bottomline.

When ASH customers release a product into the field, it must be the greatest solution to address a wide range of concerns; including, cost, durability, environment, and the varying skills of those who will install and use your product. The ASH team will work to find the right combination of materials, part geometry, and quality testing to assure that from the first part to the latest shipment: all components meet your exacting specs and concerns.

For more information on how working with an America based company like ASH® can benefit you contact one of our manufacturing & engineering experts now.

About ASH Industries

ASH® Industries offers a wide range of product manufacturing solutions.

Our engineering knowledge, patience, technical expertise, and desire to please clients has led to consistent innovation. 

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