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ash industries medicalmanufacturingFor 30 years ASH Industries has been a part of some of the most substantial medical device design projects in North America. With that experience comes the deep understanding and insight into what makes a good medical device & the best way to manufacture components for them.

We understand the complexities of designing and manufacturing high-end medical devices and possible pitfalls when designing new equipment. We can give your team valuable insights into cost effective solutions for tooling, part configurations, and material selection. when it comes to materials.


Quality & Agility Are Incredibly Important to Us

We understand how critical it is to work quickly in today's ever-changing market. It is important for medical manufacturing companies to be agile. The last few years have shown why adaptability is paramount in the manufacturing & engineering industries. ASH® is a trusted medical manufacturing company who achieves the subtle balance between speed and quality. Quality & time to market is why health and medical companies have chosen us for over three decades.

Not only is there interest in switching to domestic suppliers, but there’s also interest in the strategy of moving manufacturing sites onshore. Taking a more measured approach can help ensure the quality from development through the entire product lifecycle."

ASH® Has a Deep Understanding of Compliance Requirements for Medical Manufacturing

Before a medical device can get the green light for production, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not it meets or will meet established regulations for a medical setting. Before using any device in a medical environment, there are a variety of approvals that it must first go through.

Working with a manufacturer that has stood with the largest medical device companies as they addressed regulatory obstacles should be one of the most significant factors you take into consideration when selecting a medical device manufacturer.

ASH® is Your Medical Manufacturing Partner

ASH offers your team a complete suite of in-house medical manufacturing and engineering services dedicated to tooling, molding, project engineering (DFM-Design for Manufacturing), & production management (including tooling, process, and mold validation). We are ISO 9001 compliant with a ISO Class 7 medical cleanroom.

Why Should You Choose ASH® for Your Medical Manufacturing Project?


ASH is Experienced.
ASH® has deep knowledge and understanding in medical device manufacturing from over thirty years experience. The medical industry is highly regulated so quality and precision is imperative when manufacturing medical components and devices. Experience matters in medical device manufacturing & ASH Industries has the experience & expertise necessary to bring your medical products from concept to end production.

Our Team Goes Further.
When working with ASH, we're your trusted manufacturing partner, a supplemental division, a wise counsel, and not just a company that produces parts. We work with you to understand the end goal of your device, the hierarchy of priorities and what it needs to do and how it needs to perform - and give you insights into the best and most cost efficient way to achieve it.

Quality, High End Medical Device Manufacturing.
Experience in medical device manufacturing is one thing, but ensuring that the end product is quality made is another.

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