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plansNew products are often the quantification of dreams. The ASH team of engineers & manufacturing experts will work to help you achieve those dreams in the most cost effective and functionally relevant way. You know what the product should do, and ASH knows how to address manufacturing to reach those objectives.

We love to take an idea and make it a successful reality, backed by the quality that ASH™ is known for. ASH Industries™ has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their idea from a concept to complete product. U.S. entrepreneurs are looking for manufacturers with deep expertise. So if you're thinking how you can find a manufacturer for your idea, ASH is your answer!

Benefit from our expertise in years of successful product implementations. Partner with ASH™ on your next project.

Work with a Trusted, America-based Manufacturer for Your Idea

Quality and Expertise: ASH is known for our high standards of quality and expertise. Working with an ASH provides assurance that your product will be produced to the highest standards, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Intellectual Property Protection: ASH can sign an NDA when working with you.

Access to ASH's Top Engineers & Our Advanced Facilities: ASH has invested heavily in advanced technology, injection molding and manufacturing processes. By partnering with us you leverage our state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities to produce your product with greater precision, efficiency, and customization.

ASH® Understands the Challenges You Face Manufacturing Your Product or Part

Entrepreneurs often face a range of challenges and pain points when it comes to getting their parts made. ASH understand all the problems you'll face and has deep knowledge and expertise in helping you overcome them.


Lack of Knowledge:

Many entrepreneurs may not have a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, which can make it difficult for them to communicate effectively with manufacturers and ensure that their injection molded parts are being made correctly. Sometimes the greatest dangers are the elements of manufacturing that entrepreneurs do not know to ask about. Finding an experienced manufacturer who is willing to share what they know about risks and rewards of choices in manufacturing can be critical. 

 help manufacturing your part

Finding the Right Manufacturer:

Finding a manufacturer that can produce your desired part at a reasonable cost can be a challenge, particularly for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. ASH® has many ways to help, including our SuperMold® program for your injection molded part.


Product Design Issues:

Poorly designed parts can be difficult or impossible to manufacture, leading to delays and increased costs. ASH can help guide you in analyzing DOM (Design for Manufacturing) of your components and potential issues you may face.   


Manufacturing Quality Control:

Ensuring parts are produced to quality standards can be a challenge, particularly when working with a new manufacturer. ASH helps you understand the critical specifications that are essential for your components. We can guide you on properly specifying the metrology required to accurately check parts, as well as address any other issues that need attention to ensure optimal functionality of your components.


Cost of Manufacturing Your Parts:

The cost of producing parts can be a major pain point for entrepreneurs, particularly if they are working with a low volume. ASH works with you to get the best possible price.


Lead Times:

Long lead times can be a significant problem for entrepreneurs, particularly if they need to get their parts to market quickly. ASH works with you to expedite the manufacturing production process, find alternative solutions if needed, or create an interim step that serves as a bridge between a finalized design and production.


Communication Issues:

Clear communication with manufacturers is essential for ensuring that parts are produced to the desired standard. Working with a manufacturer who promptly responds to questions with concise information is a good indication about how a project will progress. ASH® is your trusted injection molded part manufacturer.


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