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ASH is a trusted production manufacturing company here In America and a true engineering partner that helps you design for manufacturing. We offering a wide selection of manufacturing solutions and engineering services that bring your product vision to life.



Industrial Manufacturing

When ASH customers release a product into the field, it must be the greatest solution to address a wide range of concerns; including, cost, durability, environment, and the varying skills of those who will install and use your product.  

The ASH team will work to find the right combination of materials, part geometry, and quality testing to assure that from the first part to the latest shipment: all components meet your exacting specs and concerns. ASH is a trusted industrial manufacturing company.

Defense Manufacturing

triggersDefense related projects may often begin with little more than a basic configuration and a list of requirements with testing criteria. ASH Industries™ will work with your team to build your component with DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) and DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), from initial specification to final requirements combining the best of materials experience for extreme environments, geometries to maximize strength and other considerations. 

Our custom color and secondary operations teams will also assure smooth integration with established components, existing systems, and established objectives. You can rest assured ASH™ has you covered when it comes to production, quality & the right price.

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Manufacturing for Entrepreneurs

plansNew products are often the quantification of dreams.  The ASH team of engineers & manufacturing experts will work to help you achieve those dreams in the most cost effective and functionally relevant way. You know what the product should do, and ASH knows how to address manufacturing to reach those objectives.

We love to take an idea and make it a successful reality, backed by the quality that ASH™ is known for. ASH Industries™ has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their idea from a concept to complete product.

Benefit from our expertise in years of successful product implementations. Partner with ASH™ on your next project.

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Electronic Manufacturing

Technology continues to explode and product capability must meet this growing demand. Manufacturing capabilities should also match these demands and support the growing creativity of engineers and designers. ASH's team is on a quick-paced footing to meet these time tables and provide a plethora of options to address various configuration, materials, cost, and capability concerns. ASH™ is your in-house engineering department with a scalable solution to match your manufacturing needs. We're a trusted, knowledgeable electrical manufacturing company right here in the USA.

Our Expertise & Commitment to Quality

ASH provides cutting-edge solutions to even the toughest manufacturing challenges while maintaining superior quality when it comes to electronic components manufacturing. The high standards of service you receive always results in high-quality components and assemblies, on-time delivery, and the competitive pricing your electronic product manufacturing program requires. 

About ASH Industries

ASH® Industries offers a wide range of product manufacturing solutions.

Our engineering knowledge, patience, technical expertise, and desire to please clients has led to consistent innovation. 

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