ROTO-XL Molding™

rotoxl graphicROTO-XL™ represents ASH’s unique roto-molding division focusing on tooling & hollow thermoplastic components up to 18’ long and 52” in diameter. ROTO-XL™ molded components may be “stand-alone” or integrated with any number of other components from ASH Divisions including, CNC swiss lathe in both metal & plastic, Metal Injection Molding, and thermoplastic & silicone injection molding.


ROTO-XL™ molded components may also be foam filled, assembled, decorated, and held for drop shipping. Additional services include custom gages for quality, fixturing, foam filling (for additional rigidity & compression strength up to 1400psi), and custom thermoplastic colors. ASH ROTO-XL™ tooling may be cast in aluminum or fabricated steel.


ROTO-XL™ molding is a cost effective alternative to injection molding for large plastic parts, components which must be hollow (such as berms, barrels, canoes, kayaks, slides), and those which may be made from commodity thermoplastics (polyethylene or polypropylene).


The molds are less expensive than injection molding tooling as they do not have to be large, bulky, and built to withstand the tremendous pressures of injection molding. During ROTO-XL™, the powdered thermoplastic is placed in the mold; the mold is closed, and it is spun in three axes while being heated. After the thermoplastic has been heated and spread evenly on the inner walls of the mold, the mold is then cooled, opened, and the part removed. While it takes longer to make a ROTO-XL part than a SuperMold™ component, ROTO-XL™ may be the single unique way to address your manufacturing needs. Let our engineering staff walk you through the best choice for your project.


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