A Stunning Classic


New Camera, Old Detail - Camera takes extremely detailed photos, an incredible engineering feat that you need to read!

Have a Slice of Ship


The technical side of salvage secrets, an interesting bit of engineering news you should read

More than for a Wii

wii sensors work

Learn How Inertial Sensors Work, new modern technology manufactured in all kinds of products

Quiet Cold Death


Black Dwarf Supernova, Physicist calculates when the last supernova ever will happen

Photon Pen Pals

quantum photons

Quantum Secret Sharing, discovery allows 10 parties to communicate privately & securely

Fungal Armor

Fungal Armor

A great gift from Chernobyl, fungus protects from cosmic rays

Battling a Ghost

junk science

Junk science threatens us all - When Bayer bought Monsanto’s agricultural chemicals and seed business, it also bought Monsanto’s headache — the weed killer, Roundup, which some claim is linked to cancer.

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