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Praise from Our Clients

Praise from Our Clients

ASH Took Our Product from Concept to Completion

ASH Industries was instrumental in helping BOIE take our first product concept from napkin sketches to full blown production. Our product was a new concept and we worked through material, design, and molding challenges with ASH Industries to find a resolution. Development work with ASH Industries has been seamless; as if ASH was a division of BOIE. We are now excited that we have begun our third generation of products, and we are very happy with our relationship with ASH Industries.

Long time user of ASH Industries for my molding needs.

I have been a long time user of ASH Industries for my molding needs. I have used many different outfits and I can recommend ASH.

I was speaking to an engineer friend of mine and he expressed to me the difficulty he was having with his molding vendor. He was unable to work with them in a way that solved his problem. In the end he paid more that was quoted and it took months longer than quoted.

I told him about ASH and the relationship I have had with them and my story was quite a bit different.

When I first went to ASH, I was following the advice of a services broker I have known for a long time. He told me about ASH. I was very skeptical. I had many molds made in my career and what he was describing was not my experience.

So I added them the RFQ’s I was sending out.

I heard from them almost immediately to clear up questions about the design (they helped me make the design more mold friendly) and I got a quote a day later.

I called them to explain that I wanted a production mold. They told me it was a production mold. I was shocked because the mold cost was half the price of the other vendors. Also the lead time for the mold was six weeks. The other vendor with the same RFQ were twice the price and twice the lead time. I thought to myself that the piece price was going to be high but, it was 1 cent lower piece price.

I was and still am a convert. They met every milestone. The parts were great we had 100% yield and the deliveries were on time.

As a result of my recommendation my friend went to ASH. He has called me to thank me several times for pointing him towards ASH. His experience was the same as mine and he has passed along the same story he got from me to his other colleagues and they are now ASH customers..

Over the years I have met the folks at ASH and they are hard working and have a love for what they do and it shows in their performance.

I do my production with them and, I am in the process of taking advantage of some of their value added services.

A Trusted Manufacturing Partner for Almost 20 Years

"I've worked with ASH Industries for 19 years, and appreciate that their engineering staff understands my design parameters such as reducing complexity and part counts to improve our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) requirements. Keep in mind that while many molders rely too heavily upon predictive software alone, the staff at ASH makes accurate decisions based upon a combination of solid engineering skills, decades of experience and multiple top-notch software analyses. More than often, ASH developed clever answers to difficult design problems, including being the first-known molder to attempt and successfully develop a process to accurately insert-mold glass in Polycarbonate for medical syringe pump applications.

When it comes to experience, meeting tight deadlines and an extreme dependability...I admit that ASH Industries has been more consistently reliable in these areas than any firm I've ever worked with!"

Appreciation for the enthusiastic participation shown by everyone at ASH Industries

Mr. Spence,
I wanted to share our appreciation for the enthusiastic participation shown by everyone at ASH Industries in supporting our Product lines. As an early-stage growth company, PureWine must prioritize our internal resources while we rely on experts for tasks outside our core competencies. It has been wildly beneficial to have a talented engineering staff co-located in the same facility that produces our tools and provides our injection molded parts. That allows our PureWine staff to focus on the conceptual product design to reinforce our branding message, and define the function performance parameters necessary to meet our product claims. We highly value the direct interaction you provide to your engineering staff, by phone, email and text for proactive resolution of tradeoff opportunities to create best-yielding tools while producing the least costly parts possible.
When we announced our second product line a few months ago, our Stakeholders naturally required us to get competitive quotes from multiple vendors. After successfully working with ASH to improve our first product over the last three years, we were very pleased to see ASH emerge as the winning bidder in a best overall value competition combining design engineering, tooling costs, and per piece parts cost. As you know, that effort on multiple new tools is now well under way to Pilot-Production by end of Q1. Remembering the capability ASH has available to make rapid inhouse tooling changes after first sample shots gives us confidence in announcing our product launch schedule.
And finally, we have been astonished by your staff’s ability to make no less than six (6) requested changes to our initial tooling without having to replace the entire tool, which is still producing parts monthly on the machines in your production facility ….
We thank you for the hospitality shown during our visit this past Fall. PureWine looks forward to jointly continuing to optimize our JIT inventory management, maximize the production yield, improve robustness, and further minimize COGS through your suggested process improvements.
Best wishes for continued success,

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