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Making Waves with Power

Unique energy generation.
The use of renewable energy sources can supplement existing energy sources. Researchers are exploring every more creative means of drawing energy from the kinetic and radiated energy that fill sour world and remains largely unharnessed.

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Battlefield Eye Repair

A new emergency eye patch administered on battlefields.

The cost of freedom and war in the lives destroyed or forever altered is unmeasurably high. We could never calculate the impact on the lives of loved ones and veterans for the freedom that we enjoy as a country in the 240+ years we have stood as a beacon to the rest of the world. The cost of our privileges should give us pause and a reason to be thankful every time we gather in celebration or in an expression of our freedom. It is a mark of how great a home we have that the high quality individuals we know and love would rise to defend what we hold so dear.

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Beautiful Trash Truck

Test of an orbital cargo hauler. 
There is no doubt that private enterprise can theorize, design, test, evolve, and adapt new products much more efficiently than government. Highly motivated design engineers and entrepreneurs are willing and capable of bringing injection molded, rotational molded, and swiss products to reality at a pace that is often orders of magnitude faster than even the most efficient bureaucracy.

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Futuristic Tattoo

Futuristic Tattoo

Tattoos come alive and communicate.
Technological developments continue to give the earth’s population a wider variety of tools to prevent and cure disease, to foresee problems in the environment (as in the application of this tattoo system) or in our own health condition, and to communicate more efficiently in order to productively exchange life-critical information.

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