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Make Believe Training.
The long running joke is that “practicing physicians” are, in fact, just that…practicing. All jokes aside, the amount of training necessary to rise to the level of a competent surgeon, well-trained in the use of complex and ever-evolving tools, is daunting. Surgeons of all types not only spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in training to hone their craft, their training never ceases.

In addition to continuing education demanded by regulating bodies, physicians also must be up to date on the latest equipment and means to utilize that equipment. As a result, the health industry is seeing a renaissance of non-invasive surgery. Non-invasive or minimally invasive surgery (that which requires only a minor or minimal incision or does not require removal of tissue) has resulted in commonplace outpatient procedures, lower risk of infection, and quicker recovery times. Surgeons, however, bear the onus of being prepared to perform (a once open) procedure under these new restraints.

Virtual reality training, as outlined in this article, accomplishes a number of significant goals unfulfilled by other training methods. For doctors, this will mean that the preparation to participate in the training is virtually non-existent. Typical surgeon training involves working on cadavers. Even practice on cadavers is expensive and cannot be impromptu training.

Virtual reality training has applications in practically any profession or practice that is skill and procedure based. ASH Industries, likewise, utilizes a number of tools to keep its staff trained to the latest techniques and procedures.

While safety in manufacturing is paramount, there is a layered approach to plastic and silicone component manufacturing that includes best manufacturing practices, customer requirements, coordination of resources, and best practices for machine longevity. At each stage of concern, ASH injection, rotational, silicone, and metal injection molding personnel must be prepared to follow the latest established procedures under changing conditions demanded by new materials, equipment, and components.

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