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Increased Stiffness, Increased Strength. 
The variety of materials available to the manufacturing world continues to expand. Some of the potential applications are truly amazing. ASH manufactures injection molded components in a wide variety of materials that include a relatively low cost Urethane material with a tensile strength that approaches that of aluminum, some exotic thermoplastic materials (glass & graphite filled PEEK) whose tensile strength is almost double that of aluminum, and (on the opposite end of the spectrum) materials that are commonly mistaken for silicone

 Material heat deflections have also steadily risen from 150 degrees Celsius to almost 300 degrees Celsius (in PEI polyetherimide). Even with these wonderful advances that open applications that were (just a short while ago) unattainable for thermoplastics, there remain a wide range of potential new applications that could be met by a well-tailored thermoplastic.

The hurdle to finding and utilizing these recently developed injection and rotational molding materials is twofold. First, if a manufacturer is not aware, willing to test, and to offer the latest materials, then these potential solutions will be invisible to the product development section of an engineering customer. Second, if a manufacturing company is locked into their “tried and true” injection molded materials, if they are unwilling to stock new materials, and if they are determined to force customers into utilizing what is on the shelf, then a customer may never know what material may ideally fit their new product application.

ASH does not turn away from new thermoplastic, metal injection mold or silicone materials, complicated applications, or unusual processing requirements. Even this morning, ASH Engineers held a one hour training session with a materials supplier to understand the latest injection molding and rotational molding material developments and potential applications. ASH’s doors are open to materials suppliers, and ASH’s stock is filled with materials to fit one particular critical application or another.

The next step to utilizing new rotational or injection molding material in useful applications is understanding the process by which the material can be successfully formed into a component. ASH production engineers have decades of experience with thermoplastic and silicone of all types and can quickly formulate a process that conforms to the best advice of the materials manufacturer while gleaning results tailored to get the most out of a product design.

One critical element to successfully processing a thermoplastic injection molding material is equipment that can consistently meet the process parameters and eliminate as much variability as possible. ASH Industries continues to purchase, modify, maintain, and manage silicone, thermoplastic, and metal injection molding machinery that is ideal to manufacturing silicone, metal injection molded, and plastic injection molded material.

New thermoplastic materials are exciting and ASH Industries is proud to be at the cutting edge of new product development. If you would like to discuss a new application, please do not hesitate to contact us at 337-235-0977 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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