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The Ability to Assess Risk
In the world of Design for Manufacturing (DFM), “risk” has become a key consideration in every stage of a project. In the case of this article, teenagers have been studied and their ability to properly assess risk as it pertains to their current activities and future objectives may be a simple function of maturity and development.

At ASH Industries, being able to properly assess risk in the world of injection molding (silicone LIM, thermoplastic, and metal injection molding MIM) and rotational molding is likewise a function of maturity; three decades of corporate experience, a tremendous pool of engineering talent, and exposure to some of the most complicated and cutting edge products being developed today. Risk in any manufacturing line is the amount of exposure due to the process, tooling, and product requirements that the product will not be manufactured to meet customer requirements.

ASH works at every level, beginning with our initial customer conversation, to understand the requirements for the component or assembly and to convey what potential road blocks ASH engineers see to consistently and faithfully meet these objectives.

As a simple example; in most cases sink marks on the outside of a part would be undesirable. When the ASH engineering team reviews a print and notices unacceptably thick internal ribs, we work with the customer to either modify the potentially risky feature or to find an alternate solution. In still another case, the tremendous thickness of a component (something the customer thought would make it stronger) jeopardized the project due to extended cycle times and excessive material usage. The ASH design team was able reduce the material in the part by 1/3 while simultaneously increasing part strength.

In another example, ASH commonly utilizes the benefits of overmolding and two shot molding to manufacture uniquely functional and ergonomically pleasing components. If the two halves of the part (first shot and second shot) are not properly designed, the results of the process will not look or function as envisioned.

Properly assessing risk in today’s world is critical for both teenagers and manufacturers.



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