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Bioactive spider silk for medical use.
Nature has many examples of beautiful engineering. The amazing properties of silk and the diversity with which humans can employ this simple fiber include applications in the medical world. Traditional artificial silk forming techniques are less than ideal, but this article spells out a solution.

One of the keys to successful design engineering of plastic parts is to understand the plethora of modern engineering grade materials available to potentially fulfill a new application or improve a long existing product. Materials with higher environmental impact are slowly being replaced by more environmentally friendly materials. In some cases, the replacements are either financially beneficial or have a minimal financial impact.

To utilize these new, advanced materials, ASH combines years of experience in determining what manufacturing processes and tooling options might be ideal with ASH’s up-to-date knowledge of material advances. ASH is in communication with those companies on the cutting edge of materials development, and ASH has the equipment necessary to glean the most out of these new polymers. Additionally, ASH’s five manufacturing groups (plastic injection molding, silicone molding LIM, metal injection molding MIM, and rotational molding) complement each other as a new material for one group may replace a long standing component made by another group. Cooperation between manufacturing groups opens up a number of new possibilities.

Contact us today about an upgrade to your existing product line or about a new project and let’s discuss the possibilities.


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