About Us

about us picOur ASH Industries™ team,  founded in 1991, has carefully invested our talents and focused on our customers to become a leader in the rapid mold making and thermoplastic injection molding industry. We have developed processes to replace less reliable prototype injection  molds with competitively priced hardened molds. Our engineering  knowledge, patience, technical expertise, and desire to please clients  has led to consistent innovation. ASH Industries™ offers a new  perspective on a project, part, assembly, or product line in order to expedite production while carefully controlling costs.


At ASH Industries™ our list of projects spans a wide variety from  medical surgical devices to structural components for laser light shows.  All of the project engineers we work with have one thing in common,  they are seeking solutions to production questions. Customers also  benefit from ASH's implementation of JIT and TOC programs to limit  inventories for production runs of ten million assemblies to a thousand  custom parts.


Engineers at ASH Industries™ understand the complexities of beginning a new project and will work to ease that transition. You can trust the experts at ASH to take your product from concept to completion.