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Testing in Morocco

Testing in Morocco

Often our customers are challenged, either by an odd application, environment, or dimensional tolerance, to complete and distribute an end product for which there may be unique and possibly unknown requirements.

For instance, this article is about testing on a rover that will travel across Martian soil. While it is impractical to test the rover on Mars, conditions similar to Mars may be found on earth and a testing regime may be established to give scientists a good idea as to how the rover may perform.

In the case of ASH Industries injection molded products, whether they be thermoplastic, Silicone (LIM), or metal injection molding (MIM), design demands may require a feature that is difficult (if not impossible) to find proper metrology (measuring method) to confirm the feature. In certain cases, ASH will work with product design engineers to develop a fixture that confirms the geometry critical to the part function. Injection molded production parts will be tested in this custom fixture to be certain that the properties of the end product fit those requirements.

Special requirements for short run or production injection or rotational molded products are not limited to odd dimensional characteristics. Functional requirements may require design and testing flexibility as well. One customer’s unique requirement was that their parts should be thrown as high in the air as possible. If the part were recovered unbroken, it was a good test. While this certainly seemed unusual for ASH’s engineering team, it met the requirements the customer set and could easily be tested by the customer in a remote location without a special testing apparatus.

Other customers have requested that parts be shot, placed under sand bags, frozen, boiled, put under a microscope, or even hit with a sledge hammer; all in the name of product design engineering.

No matter what your company’s capabilities, requirements, or special requests, ASH stands ready to bring your dreams to reality.


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